Sunday, 7 November 2010

Obsessed much?!

So today i'm going to be talking about my obsession with scented candles. I've gone through so many lately. But my absoloute faves are the Original Candle Company candle, it doesn't have a name but it's light frosty blue colour and smells soooo fresh. It's about 9cm tall and im not sure about the width but umm yeah, it's amaaazing, and was only £2 from The Original Factory Shop. Another one of my faves is By Mainstays, also from The Original Factory Shop for £5. It's in Apricots & Mangos and is one of the air tight glass ones, it's pretty big and smells divine! It smells exactly like apricots and mangos (shock) and fills the room in the scent. Deffinately reccomend both of these candles if you can get your hands on them!!

Lots of love, Jess xxx

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